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Nicola Scott-Taylor

It is not surprising that Nicola chose to become an artist, since througout her childhood in  Spain, Brazil and Canada her parents had pottery studios. She now lives and works from her studio in Richmond, London where she teaches pottery and art and makes her own sculpture and wall hangings which she sells and exhibits locally.  This is her story.

"When my daughter was born  I went back to college to retrain in Fine Art Ceramics and graduate as an Art Teacher so I could combine motherhood with a career. I already had an Arts and Language degree from Oxford which enabled me to get my  first job working for Colnaghi in Old Bond street, promoting art. Working in Public Relations for  over 20 years was pretty full on. Don’t get me wrong I loved working for Selfridges promoting their fashion and beauty products. I got to work with stars like Mary Quant, Zandra Rodes, Jerry Hall and Jasper Conran. I got to live in  the Falkland Islands where I worked as Government Information Officer and  Thailand, working for Burston Marstellar. The Royal College of General Practitioners, London was my last full-time job before having a baby at 40 which changed my priorities.

The environment concerns me, especially the detritus of man’s waste. Comunicating this in my art is important to me and was an obvious theme in my earlier work where I took plaster moulds of discarded plastic bottles and tubes to make clay parts to build my 'Rubbishmen' series. These remind us all that the rubbish we throw away does not disappear underground, but evolves into an even bigger monster and comes back to haunt us. My logo of  'Graffiman' too speak of man’s pollution and destruction of resources. I have tried to make my later work more cheerful, more commercial if you like, although the theme is just the same. With my ceramic sculpture, especially the outdoor stacking ones, the themes have been about the importance for a balance of nature. How animals rely on each other as a food chain and nations of men rely on one anothers’ co-operation in order for world peace. The boxes making up the Temple all have windows depicting the different cultures which make up the world. My recent sculptural work draws similarities between traditions of Tribal men and Western man to show we are all the same beneath the skin.

I exhibit and sell my smaller works through member societies SOFAP, London Potters and in the Historical Museum in Nevis, Caribbean. To comission work contact nikki@ceramicsdesign.co.uk